New Fairfield High School Principal Dr. Richard Sanzo Discusses District Goals for 2017-1018 School Year
September 4, 2017
State Representative Richard Smith Discusses State Budget Impasse
September 13, 2017

SHERMAN – On August 24th, the Sherman BOS conducted its regular monthly meeting at Mallory Town Hall. After approving the previous meeting’s minutes, and reviewing the monthly financial summary report, First Selectman Clay Cope shared an email from Sheila McMahon accepting her position on the Board of Assessment Appeals beginning September of this year.

     Correspondence from the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection granted authorization and direction for the Sherman First Selectman to sign Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) and “perform all acts and things which he deems to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the terms of such documents…” as stated in the DEMHS resolution.

     The BOS was happy to report that the Practice Board and pickle ball nets are installed at the tennis courts, and the estimate for the new playground at Veteran’s Field will be presented to the Department of Parks and Recreation. The Connecticut Department of Transportation continues to backfill and paint the stripes along Route 37 in Sherman, making the road look almost brand new.

     Tax Assessor Al Garzi presented the Tax Deferment Program for elderly residents. Some of the program terms include “the owner or spouse living with the owner” must be 65 years of age by October 1st, “the property must be the principle residence of the applicant, and the applicant must live there for a minimum of 183 days of each calendar year,” as stated in the outline. Garzi, in his email to First Selectman Cope, wrote, explained that this program “is funded by Sherman.” More details to follow.

     John Motsinger of Happy Acres Farm wrote to the BOS stating, “The animals have enjoyed the relatively mild summer, our Sunday Market is still going strong…” The herd count, as of August 2nd, is up to 52, including the male Baldy and female Angus who were born at the end of July. Calling all chili lovers; be sure to visit Happy Acres on October 1st. Motsinger stated, “…we’re looking forward to our annual chili cook-off…”

     Captain Chris Fuchs of the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department has been providing updates on the cell towers on the Tower Hill and East Mountain sites. Back in July, Captain Fuchs wrote in an email that A1 Communications “conducted studies and provided…coverage maps” for both sites at no charge. He explained while Tower Hill would provide coverage for the southern end of town and Candlewood Lake, the East Mountain site “should provide excellent portable coverage on Route 39 North through the center of town and good mobile radio coverage on Route 55.”

     Currently, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Duchess County 911 Dispatch and Sheriff’s Department are on the East Mountain tower, and Verizon will file its building permit to New Fairfield within the next two months.

     A1 Communications submitted the frequency license paperwork to the FCC and, according to Captain Fuchs’ August 23rd email to First Selectman Cope, the licenses have all been granted. Fuchs is still waiting for the proposal for the purchase and installation of the necessary tower equipment, but has been informed by A1 representatives that they will send the proposal once the remaining quotes from their equipment manufacturers are received.

     The Lake Noise ordinance draft was reviewed with TFC Michael Saraceno, Ron Barnard, and the Department for Energy and Environmental Protection. A town forum was suggested by First Selectman Cope for September to “ask questions of the public.”

     The Cozier Hill paving project was also discussed in regards to the costs; a Town Meeting was suggested for Saturday, September 16th for approval. September 28th at 7:00 p.m. will be the next regular monthly meeting at Mallory Town Hall.

By Anne-Marie DiDomenico