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November 21, 2018
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November 30, 2018

At the Candlewood Lake Authority’s November 14 meeting, Chairman Phyllis Schaer reported on the bench dedication ceremony held recently in memory of former CLA delegate Harold Mayer. The CLA dedicated a bench in Lynn Deming Park in New Milford to Mr. Mayer, who passed away last year. Mr. Mayer served as a CLA delegate for 30 years.

Ms. Schaer also gave a report on the North American Lakes Management Society (NALMS) Conference that she and CLA Executive Director Mark Howarth and Director of Ecology & Environmental Services Neil Stalter attended in Cincinnati. The four-day conference proved to be a wealth of information. Ms. Schaer, Mr. Howarth and Mr. Stalter attended many workshops and seminars. Ms. Schaer noted that presentations on managing algae, and the use of sodium chloride (road salts) and its effect on runoff and water quality. Mr. Howarth also noted that he has reached out to the speaker from a presentation he attended on social marketing that he felt might be of benefit of Candlewood Lake.

She also noted that the SMP with FirstLight will be up for review next March, and that she is trying to schedule some meetings with FirstLight to discuss possible changes to the document. While FirstLight has been receptive, they have not yet given any firm dates to meet. Ms. Schaer said she is concerned because time is moving by and March will be here before they know it.

Assistant Chief Ron Barnard presented a season end report for the Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol (CLAMP). He noted that there were three fatalities this season that were being investigated by DEEP. He said there were two fires and two accidents. There were 1,712 man-hours on the water this season, and 28 rain outs and no canceled shifts. Officers had 599 contacts resulting in 69 infractions, 27 written warnings, and 365 verbal warnings. Infractions ranged from personal flotation device violations to registration decal violations to bow riding.

Ms. Schaer thanked CLAMP for a good season and noted that a new chief will be named by next month. Current chief Doug Vane recently resigned due to health concerns.

In his Executive Director’s report, Mark Howarth said that he wanted to hold a focus session for CLA board members and staff, noting that there were some new board and staff members and that it would be good for everyone to come together to discuss the direction of the CLA and what it should be looking to accomplish both short and long term. He felt that shortly after the holidays would be a good time to hold this session.

The next regular meeting of the CLA will be held Wednesday, December 12 at 7:30pm at Brookfield Town Hall.

By Greg Slomba