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Assistant Principal Brian Kalkreuth

The Sherman School is welcoming a new administrator this fall. Mr. Brian Kalkreuth has recently joined the school as Assistant Principal. “I feel extremely fortunate to have joined such a warm, nurturing, and supportive community,” he said. “Everyone I have met so far has been so welcoming, helpful, and passionate about our work at The Sherman School.”

Mr. Kalkreuth is settling into the community in Sherman that he perceives as “incredibly picturesque and strikes me as a wonderful place to raise a family.” Although new to the area, Sherman, “strangely feels a bit familiar after working in the town of Chester, another tight-knit community, for the past twelve years,” he said.

In Chester, Deep River, and Essex, he spent ten years in the classroom, two years as a kindergarten through sixth grade math coach, and two years as Teacher in Charge for Chester Elementary School. Mr. Kalkreuth explained that, in large part, he made the leap from the classroom to administration in order to scale his impact. “Even as a successful classroom teacher, I recognized that my reach was essentially limited to the students that filled my classrooms,” he said. “The ability to impact all students, school-wide, is what is most appealing about administration to me.”

Mr. Kalkreuth plans to be visible and connect with as many people as possible, especially as he is getting to know everyone in the fall. He will be “greeting students and families at drop off and dismissal, visiting classrooms, and spending time conversing with students, faculty, and staff during lunch waves.” Adding a good dose of fun to each day, he offered that as “A former athlete, I will gladly accept invitations from students to play at recess, especially on the basketball court! These less structured times outside of the classroom provide great insight into what students are interested in and who they are as individuals.” He also looks forward to forging “partnerships with families and community members through collaboration with the SPTO and school-based committees, and by attending school-sponsored and community events.”

“Be excited!” is Mr. Kalkreuth’s advice for Sherman’s young learners. “Your teachers have been working hard this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year and are equally excited to welcome you back!” The Sherman School’s Vision reads: We enable all Sherman Students to become the best possible version of themselves. We provide an environment where our children develop into empathetic, self-directed, critical thinkers who don’t give up when faced with challenges. Mr. Kalkreuth wants to remind the students that, “The start of a new school year is a great time to reflect on your role in achieving our shared vision.” He went on to say that the students should “think about the steps you will take this year to become more empathetic, self-directed, and critical in your thinking, as well as how you will respond when faced with challenges. It is important to understand that you play a critical part in this work and that you have some ideas about what this looks like from your point of view!”

Optimistic and ready for the year ahead, Mr. Kalkreuth anticipates “an exceptional school year and invite all current and former students, families, faculty, staff, Board members, community leaders, and public safety and town officials to reach out and connect with me; my ‘door’ is always open!”

By Sarah Opdahl