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A Selectman’s View
July 25, 2019
Don Lowe, Robert Ostrosky, and Kevin Keenan to Run Unopposed for First Selectman and Selectmen in Upcoming Sherman Election
August 2, 2019

Concept of the New Fairfield Public Schools Building Project at NFHS

New Fairfield’s Board of Education and administrators invite the community to a public hearing on the proposed building projects for two new schools. On the evening of August 1st, there will be a presentation by district officials, QA+M–the architects who have been working on the projects–and Colliers International, the school district’s building advocate, on the building of a new high school and the relocation and construction of Consolidated School. There will also be opportunities for the public to ask questions about the potential projects.

While the academic community is typically a little sleepy in late June and July, the group working on the proposed building projects has been busy. The grant applications for both projects were submitted by their June 30 deadline, building tours have been ongoing (one more summer tour is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21), and the marketing plan to pitch the projects to the public is well underway.

Dr. Richard Sanzo, Director of Business and Operations, says that administrators are “hoping many community members will come out to the public hearing on August 1st.” The school officials are hopeful that there will be an open dialogue to address community concerns.

Dr. Sanzo also encouraged any residents who are unable to attend a scheduled tour of the buildings to contact him or Phil Ross, the district’s Buildings & Grounds Director, to set up an alternative time to visit the schools. “We encourage all community members to attend a tour to learn more about the condition of our schools and the proposed projects,” Dr. Sanzo said.

A buildings tab on the district’s website, Newfairfieldschools.org, includes a host of information on the proposed projects, including a handout that was prepared for the 4th of July parade, breaking down the needs for renovation or new construction, with town and school officials declaring new construction as the preferred plan. There is also significant information about the financial ramifications of the $80 million projects available on the site.

The public hearing, Thursday, August 1, 7:00pm, NFHS auditorium, will also serve as the NF BOE’s first meeting of the 2019-20 academic school year. Though it won’t be official until late September, a town referendum vote on the building projects will likely occur on the first Saturday in October.

Story by Sarah Opdahl