New Staff to Oversee New Fairfield’s Special Education Program
September 15, 2016

The Board of Selectman’s meeting on September 8th was an opportunity for the First Selectman to share plans for the town surplus.  As discussed previously, the town has a surplus of $661,524.00 following the close of the fiscal year.  Ideas for the surplus had been mentioned at previous meetings. However, at this meeting a motion was made for the surplus to be spent in the following manner:

$4655.44 to the fire department continuing the tradition of returning the department’s surplus to them; $220,000 to Cap & Non for the Public Works Department to purchase 2 new F550 trucks.; $75,000 to Cap & Non for the purchase of a new police car.; $75,000 to Cap & Non earmarked for lake studies.  This allows the town to have built in funding to support studies of the health of Candlewood Lake as they arise; $40,000 to Cap & Non for the town to purchase two hybrid vehicles. The town currently has no appropriate vehicles for use by town employees for travel to meetings. By purchasing hybrid cars, the town could take advantage of the new charging station at town hall; $4,000 to Cap & Non for business machines which includes the purchase of two AEDs (defibrillators) for town use.

The total of these expenditures is $418,655.44.  All were approved by the two present Selectman, Susan Chapman and Kim Hanson.  This will now pass to the Board of Finance before a town meeting Susis called for final approval of the spending.   First Select Susan Chapman states that the “balance of the surplus (approximately $242,000) is to be allocated to the General Fund.”

By Jennifer Brakenwagen

Creamery Demolished (photo): “As of right now some beams from the old house are being saved for Preserve New Fairfield for them to use in a future project.I am planning to build a garden with benches toward the back of the property.  If we are able to get permits to build on the property I am considering a building that will be used for multiple purposes.”  – First Selectman Susan Chapman