Attorney Says No Privacy Violations in NF BOE Video Controversy
October 20, 2016
Parents Demand Action at Last Thursday’s NF BOE Meeting
October 27, 2016

The New Fairfield Selectman have been busy the last two weeks. On October 3rd, they held a special meeting that was comprised of a one hour and sixteen-minute-long executive session with town attorney, Jack Keating, invited to join.  No information is currently available about this meeting. The Town Tribune will provide coverage on the occurrences of this meeting as it is provided.

On October 13th, there was a town meeting to vote on the use of the budget surplus. There were approximately 10 people present to vote for this use of over $600,000 and all except this reporter worked for the town, or were members of the BOF.  The vote passed unanimously.  The surplus will be used to purchase vehicles for Public Works, the police department, and the town offices. The fire company had their surplus returned to them as tradition dictates, and $30,000 was set aside for lake studies.  The balance of the surplus will be put into the General Fund.

Following the conclusion of the town meeting, the regularly scheduled BOS meeting began with announcements. The Department of Parks and Recreation’s Haunting at the Hollow program began the evening of the 14th and will run on Friday and Saturday evenings for three weekends. Attendees should park at the Senior Center and a bus will take them to the Great Hollow property for a fully immersive experience.

Please contact Parks and Rec to sign-up for the remaining evenings or to get more information. Haunting at the Hollow is recommended for those ages 13 years old and up.

New Fairfield will again host Trunk or Treat at 6pm on the 31st of October in the parking lot between Rebel Field and the turf field.

A $700 line item budget transfer at the library for maintenance was approved. There was also the appointment of Nadia Salgado to the Youth Commission. A $1000 donation as well as the donation of a Franklin tree to the Senior Center was approved.  The HR director of the town, Kara Mehler, has been working for two years to update the employee handbook.

Though it was not altered drastically, it was important to make the document relevant and complicit with federal regulation. Her hard work was complimented and the handbook was approved.

The organics program at the town drop-off center began several weeks ago. It had been decided that a drop-off permit would not be required for participants through the end of the year; and that suspension has been extended indefinitely.

Larry Marsicano, the director of the Candlewood Lake Authority, was present to request New Fairfield release the funds that represent their contribution to operations. These funds have been withheld by the BOS as they sought necessary changes within CLA’s financial operations to show greater accountability. The exchanges between Mr. Marsicano and the BOS were tense and fruitless.

The BOS is still not satisfied with the information they are receiving from CLA. CLA and other contributing municipalities are frustrated that New Fairfield still refuses to release their contributions even though past deficits have been corrected.  What was most obvious from the exchange was the lack of trust between all parties and whether the differences be political or ideological, there is no benefit from these two organizations being at odds any longer.

By Jennifer Brakenwagen