A Selectman’s View – 12/19
December 19, 2019
New Fairfield School District Welcomes New Fleet of Buses
January 7, 2020

At its December 18 meeting, the Board of Finance unanimously re-elected Wes Marsh as Board Chairman. The Board also re-elected Mike Cammarota as BOF Clerk.
Mr. Marsh said that Permanent Building Committee Chairman George Marginetti will give an update on the projects at the January BOF meeting. He also said that the architect for the project has been selected and the Owner’s Representative will be chosen soon. The Owner’s Representative will be the individual who will look out for the interests of the Town and the Board of Education in all aspects of the project and will work with the project manager, the architect and the builder to make sure the projects are completed on time and on budget, and that all safety, security, and other requirements stipulated by the Town and the BOE are met.
The Board also discussed elderly tax relief programs. The Town offers two programs currently–a tax credit, and a tax deferral program. The tax deferral program allows for the deferral of tax payments and stipulates repayment with interest at a later date or upon the sale of the property. The tax credit is available to qualified property owners based on age and income who complete a written application. The tax credits must be repaid upon the death of the taxpayer, or the sale of the property, whichever comes first.
The Board discussed ways to get the word out about the programs to eligible residents. Board Member Cheryl Reedy volunteered to research the Town’s elderly tax relief programs as well as the State statutes that address the topic.
In other business, the Board voted to approve the payment of a $908.30 invoice to Race Engineering as part of the boat dock project. It was also noted that Board Member Anthony Yorio had been named an alternate member of the Permanent Building Committee.
The next regular meeting of the Board of Finance will be Wednesday, January 15 at 7:30pm in the Community Room.

Story by Greg Slomba