Public Hearing on Proposed New Fairfield School Buildings, Aug. 1, 7pm at NFHS
July 25, 2019
New Fairfield Administrators Hold Public Hearing on Proposed School Building Projects; Receive Community Feedback
August 15, 2019

Running again for First Selectman in the 2019 election is incumbent First Selectman Don Lowe, who has enjoyed life in Sherman for the past 20 years. Lowe served on the Board from 2004-2008, and then returned to it in 2015 after taking a hiatus. One of his primary goals during his campaign last term was to see the bathrooms at Veteran’s Field renovated before Memorial Day, and to see actions taken to solve the issue with the water quality within certain Town wells—a feat that had long been on the Board’s meeting agendas. Another prominent concern during Lowe’s first term as First Selectman is the anticipated impact from the Cricket Valley power plant, to which the Board responded by bringing to Town Meeting and voting on the purchase of an air monitoring system.

During his campaign two years ago, Lowe stated that he wanted a “Board of Selectmen more responsible and more responsive to the people of Sherman.” In a recent interview, First Selectman Lowe stated that he has tried his best to hear what the townspeople have had to say, and to respond accordingly, speaking briefly about the Board’s decision to invest in solar-lit signs at the crosswalk by The Sherman School at a resident’s suggestion.

He said he was most proud that everything that has been accomplished this term was done so through teamwork. “There seems to be a non-political tone to Sherman these last two years.” Speaking on how the Board worked together, he said, “The Board, itself, has worked very well as a team…they’ve been amazing to work with.”

The changes at Happy Acres Farm will be a major focus in the upcoming term, but Lowe voiced great faith in the Board and Town to face the changes with confidence and to find the best solution to keep it running at its best. He further voiced his gratitude to the Department of Public Works, Town Treasurer Eric Holub, Liz LaVia, and the rest of the administration staff.

Running again for Selectman is Robert “Bob” Ostrosky, currently serving his third term on the Board. During this term, Ostrosky was instrumental in designing the new Town website, diligently working out any wrinkles that arose, and offered great insight on Town projects discussed and voted on during the Regular Monthly Meetings.

Completing his first term on the Board of Selectmen is Kevin Keenan. During the last term, his campaign focus included budgeting concerns and maintenance of the natural parts of town. During a recent interview, Keenan stated that the anticipated budget was accomplished, as was a tax decrease last year. The efficiency of the DPW was a past concern, and when asked about any improvements, Keenan stated he feels it’s more efficient and more focused, calling it the most transparent with what it does for the residents. Regarding the parks and fields, Keenan spoke of security measures Parks and Rec is taking, including placing fencing in Volunteer Field.

“I’m happy that some long-standing projects are finished,” he said, echoing the finished bathrooms at Veteran’s Field, and speaking of the well-water contamination., mentioning that one of The Sherman School’s wells will be reopening for use and that a new well will be installed for the center of Town.

“I’m hoping whatever new plan we come up with is tighter, and covers all bases, than what we currently have,” Keenan said in regard to Happy Acres’ near future. In response to his future with the Board, he replied, “I will continue to do what I think is best for the Town; it has always been my primary motivation.”

Bob Ostrosky was unavailable for comment at the time this article was written and published.

 By Anne-Marie DiDomenico